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Concord Inspiring the Creation of Iconic Timepieces Since 1908

The word concord is synonymous with collaboration. The story began in 1908, when five Swiss visionaries collaborated to realize their shared goal of founding a company to manufacture high-quality Swiss watches.

In 1979, Concord spearheaded the Swiss quartz revolution with one of the most important watches of the twentieth century: the Concord Delirium. The first watch ever produced with a case less than one millimeter thick and a world record to this day. This revolutionary approach provided the impulse required for the Swiss watch industry to reclaim its position as technology leader and played a key role in the continuation of the Swiss watchmaking heritage – another victory for Swiss collaboration.

In 2018, Concord is marking its 110th anniversary with a new logo: the knot, a symbol of unity, pact, and binding commitment, ideas that were elemental to the foundation of Concord and have been crucial to its lasting success. It also symbolizes the company’s unique legacy being shared through its collaboration with renowned partners and retailers all over the world, and marks the brand’s transition into a new era.