Plan your itinerary, pack your bags and clock off for the summer with one of these destination watches, available now at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

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Discover Rolex

Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail.

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Introducing: The Moritz Grossmann BENU Anniversary ‘Lost in Space’

The up-and-coming young German manufacturer celebrates its 10th anniversary with a spectacular limited edition watch that’s now available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

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Introducing: Tudor’s new Black Bay S&G models

Modern and yet mid-century. Stylish and yet practical. In any guise, Tudor’s flagship watch has come to define a generation

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The curators of time, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons has been nurturing the growth of the region’s collector base since 1950. Today, the company is recognised as a pioneer amongst the leading retailers in the Middle East with an extensive portfolio of over 60 luxury timepieces and jewellery brands across 51 locations in the UAE. An advocate of horology in the region’s retail landscape, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons is committed to preserving and enhancing the legacy of its founder, led by the dedication and passion of the second, third and fourth generation of the Seddiqi Family. The organization continues to create sustainable platforms for watchmaking and servicing, supporting watch enthusiasts and collectors in the region to increase their passion and understanding of the art of timekeeping.


We provide our clients with tailor-made services by offering a comprehensive purchasing approach to horology.


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Our portfolio consists of over 70 of the world’s leading luxury watch and jewellery brands.

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