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BOVET is a Swiss Manufacturer of luxury timepieces. Since its foundation in 1822, BOVET has artfully combined the most sophisticated mechanisms with the finest craftsmanship, employing artisanal techniques such as gem-setting, engraving, and miniature painting.

Under the visionary guidance of Owner Pascal Raffy, BOVET acquired renowned Manufacture DIMIER 1738 in 2006 and immediately began producing the Maison’s movements, balance-springs, cases and dials in-house. His passion for Haute Horlogerie also led to the introduction of the remarkable Amadeo convertible case system, which draws inspiration from the exquisite 19th century pocket watches produced by BOVET for the Chinese Emperor and collectors worldwide. Today, BOVET demonstrates its excellence through varied collections that encompass models as emblematic and remarkable as the Braveheart, Ottantasei, Astérium, and Shooting Star tourbillons, to name just a few of its icons.